SDG nexuses are proverty, Food(Zero Hunger ),Education [SDGs:1-2-4]…


SDG nexuses are proverty, Food(Zero Hunger ),Education [SDGs:1-2-4]… Image transcription textThe Question Produce a policy brief on a SDG nexus, the interlinkages between a subset of SustainableDevelopment Goals (SDGs) of your own choice. Specifically, you are required to: 1) select a relevant SDGnexus to produce your policy brief. Example of SDG nexuses: Water-Energy-Food [SDGs: 2, 6, 7]; … Show more… Show moreSDG nexuses are proverty, Food(Zero Hunger ),Education [SDGs:1-2-4] 1) INTRODUCTION The introduction serves as an Executive Summary of the policy brief. First, a clear choice of SDG nexuses and specific sub-goals, targets, or indicators should be stated. Then, policy recommendation(s), industry impact and mitigation should be laid down. 2) THE SDG nexus and sub-goals/targets/indicators explain the nexuses chosen. For example, if they choose SDG nexuses of Water-Energy-Food (i.e., SDG, 2,6,7), then for each SDG item there should be a brief elaboration of (a) what are they; (b) how are they important to sustainability development; and (c) how 2, 6, 7 are related to each other. For the sub-goal, or target, or indicator, briefly explain what they are and how these could resolve the SDG nexuses selected. 3) Policy Recommendation A better policy recommendation will usually consist of: (a) how is each recommendation address directly to either the social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability dimension; (b) relate these policy recommendations to the sub-goal, target, or indicator; and (c) cite existing example or research to justify the recommendation. 4) Impact to Industry Examples of “impacts” are higher cost of production, higher scrutiny to industry operation, further restriction of business practices due to changing legal or regulatory environment, or others. A better answer will (a) explain why this industry is impacted; (b) describe the specific situation and what change are expected due to this policy recommendation; (c) analyses the positive impact and negative impact to the industry; and (d) what is the best response to maximize the positive (and/or minimize the negative) impact.   Social Science Sociology BISM 1201

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SDG nexuses are proverty, Food(Zero Hunger ),Education [SDGs:1-2-4]…
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