“Racist” and “antiracist” are like peelable name tags that are…


“Racist” and “antiracist” are like peelable name tags that are… “Racist” and “antiracist” are like peelable name tags that are placed and replaced based on what someone is doing or not doing, supporting or expressing in each moment. These are not permanent tattoos. No one become a racist or antiracist. We can only strive to be one or the other. We can unknowingly strive to be a racist. We can unknowingly strive to be an antiracist. Like fighting an addiction, being an antiracist requires persistent self – awareness, constant self – criticism, and self – examination.”  a. What is your understanding of this issue/concept/practice?  Explain its meaningb. For what reasons did you select this issue/concept/practice?c. How does this point broaden, deepen and or enlighten your understandings of classroom and or school and or community practices?d What questions do you have? Reflection and Purposea. What have you discovered that is similar and or different from what you previously thought to be true regarding the topic?b. What impact has this topic had on you personally and/or professionally?c. How might the dynamics of power, race, gender, sexuality, and status be impacted if the research finding (or concepts) were implemented?d. In what ways does the facts and or concepts in this text challenge your previous assumptions about what you considered to be true? Psychology Social Science Social Psychology ESC 502

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“Racist” and “antiracist” are like peelable name tags that are…
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