Identify the Possible Threat to Internal Validity Using “MRS SMITH”…


Identify the Possible Threat to Internal Validity Using “MRS SMITH”… Identify the Possible Threat to Internal Validity Using “MRS SMITH”____________ 1.  An early study evaluating the effects of Sesame Street indicated that it was especially helpful to the most disadvantaged kids. The kids with the lowest skills improved the most. _maturation___________ 2.  A researcher is observing young kids’ verbal behaviors in a Head Start program. It may be that the observers miss a number of behaviors indicative of good verbal skills during the pretest, but they were more likely to count these behaviors at post-test. _selection of subjects ___________ 3.  A study shows divergence in girls’ math scores and boys verbal scores around middle school age. ____________ 4.  Students took a pre-test for the SAT and learned the types of verbal questions being asked on the test.  Therefore, when they took the actual SAT exam they scored higher. ____________ 5.  A researcher is interested in a study comparing two different teaching methods.  One method is used at School A and the other method is used at School B.  During the course of the study, the principal at School B is fired and is replaced by a new principal. ____________ 6.  A psychologist is trying to figure out whether males or females know more about political issues.  The psychologist stops people on the street, asking them to participate in a survey on political issues.  The results of his survey found that men know much more about politics than women do. ____________ 7.  The cognitive development of males and females is compared at pre-test and post-test.  It is possible that the rate of cognitive development for females is faster than for males, and this might account for their better performance on the post-test. ____________ 8.  A social scientist is assessing the effect of an employee training program.  Volunteers are sought from the employees and are offered a modest bonus for participation.  Thirty-six employees agree to participate.  Twelve of the employees finish the training program and an analysis of appropriate job performance measures reveals that their scores are better than those of the employees that did not complete the program.  Social Science Psychology

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Identify the Possible Threat to Internal Validity Using “MRS SMITH”…
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