7-Twentyfour Australia is a subsidiary company of 7-Twentyfour…


7-Twentyfour Australia is a subsidiary company of 7-Twentyfour… 7-Twentyfour Australia is a subsidiary company of 7-Twentyfour Japan and is a JapaneseAustralian international chain of convenience stores headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The chain rejoiced in its great success in the Japanese market and successfully launched in other countries. It is now targeting the Australian market and is planning to open a flagship store in Sydney, Australia. Before penetrating the Australian market, the company decided to send a project team to conduct market research and to establish an appropriate operating plan for the store in Australia. You have just been appointed as the project manager and, in your project team, you will have the specialists as follows: • Senior Accountant • Australian solicitor • Marketing manager • IT technician • Procurement manager As the project team needs to deal with the different legal systems including employment laws and different customers, the team must conduct research and identify the information needed for their operational plans. Furthermore, the team also has to design the operational plans such as operating hours, number of employees in each store, marketing plans, and also relevant contingency plans. This project will run for a 6-month period, and you are required to report to the senior management every fortnight through video meeting conferences and, as the project manager, you are required to research and obtain relevant information about the following resources needed for the store. Currently, the headquarter decided the following but these are subject to change due to legal requirements or other business circumstances: • Each store has 3 employees and 1 manager per shift. • Each store runs 3 shifts a day (1 shift runs for 8 hours). • Each store has a petrol retail station. An Australian management consulting firm is arranged for the project as the firm has the information for the budgets, procurement plans (supply chain), legal requirements for human resource. All interior and exterior works in the stores will be done by a construction company and are not a part of the project tasks.Question 1. From the consultations with the stakeholders, you have decided to set up the operating  hours as follows:  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat SunOpen24 hours 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours 24 hoursCloseYou are now required to develop procurement plans and, in the first place, you will have to  work on stock receiving. The following table shows the types of delivery items. Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat SunFresh food       Confectionery       Beverage 1       Beverage 2       Tobacco       Snack food          Business Management Project Management MANAGE PRO A20057

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7-Twentyfour Australia is a subsidiary company of 7-Twentyfour…
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