Reviews with little effort will not get credit. If there are few…


Reviews with little effort will not get credit. If there are few… Reviews with little effort will not get credit. If there are few grammar mistakes, you need to take the time to suggest better paragraph transitions, word choices, logical flow, etc. REVIEW THIS PAPER PLEASE   Klinefelter Syndrome IntroductionGenetic diseases have plagued the world for as long as life has been around. It has been only recently that we have begun to understand both the intricacies that cause these diseases and the effects they have on the body. Klinefelter Syndrome (KS) is an uncommon genetic disorder that leads to men having an extra X chromosome [1]. Normally, a biological female has two copies of the X sex chromosome (XX) and a biological male has one copy of the X sex chromosome and one copy of the Y sex chromosome (XY) [1]. KS occurs due to a random genetic error in one of the gametes (egg or sperm) of a parent leading to an extra X chromosome in the offspring [1]. Men with KS therefore possess the sex chromosomes XXY and this small change leads to a plethora of issues with the body’s development [1].KS has a whole handful of signs and symptoms that do not all necessarily show up in all KS patients [3]. The most common symptom of KS is infertility and small testicles [1]. Having small testicles leads to lower testosterone production and it is well known that testosterone is a key hormone in the proper development of the brain and reproductive system [3]. For this reason, KS is also associated with a delay in development/puberty, strange body proportions, gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissue), reduced body hair, increased risk for cancer and other diseases, learning disabilities, and more [1, 3]. Due to the developmental nature of this disease, KS is usually diagnosed in childhood because the symptoms of the diseases are not easy to spot in an infant [3]. As discussed previously KS is relatively uncommon, affecting one in 500-1000 newborns [1].The main treatment for KS is androgen replacement (testosterone) [1]. Giving KS patients artificial testosterone helps minimize and sometimes correct symptoms such as growth of body hair, increased muscle development, and energy/mood improvements [1]. If caught early and treatment is given (androgen replacement, educational intervention, etc.), KS patients can live relatively normal lives and reduce their chance/severity of developmental issues and learning disabilities [1]. The rest of this paper will be covering and summarizing an experimental research paper that looks at the effectiveness of an androgen replacement therapy with KS patients in regard to brain development (specifically the hippocampus) [2]. Biology Science Physiology PHYSIOLOGY 00

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Reviews with little effort will not get credit. If there are few…
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