…… Watch the videos of Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. Pay attention to how each describes the story of Netflix, and answer the following questions:Compare your perceptions of Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings as leaders and entrepreneurs:What are some differences in the way Randolph and Hastings talk about the story of Netflix?How would you describe Randolph as a leader and entrepreneur?How would you describe Hastings as a leader and entrepreneur?If you were an investor, whose new company would you invest in? Randolph or Hastings? Why? What are the factors you took into consideration when making your decision?What model of decision making helps to explain how you made your decision? Provide examples from your decision-making process (e.g., rational-decision making, bounded rationality, intuitive)What does your choice tell you about how you perceive others as being worthy of investing in? What does your choice tell you about how you make decisions?  Business Management Project Management BUS ADM 709

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