Can you please help generate an analysis chart including options and stakeholders on Julie’s scenario?


Can you please help generate an analysis chart including options and stakeholders on Julie’s scenario?  List the main moral issue in the correct format. Tell three different areas that would be appropriate to research. In other words, if you were this person, what resources would you look at, or explore to try to help you figure out what you should do in this scenario.  At the bottom, there’s an example of how it should look like. Please Note: I only need help on the scenario with Julie. The one at the bottom is an example of how it( analysis chart) should look including the identification format and the research sample format part as well. Julie is an ambitious teenager in high school.  She tries her best to get good grades,  and she is working hard in school so she will be eligible to earn scholarships.  She wants to go to college, and she knows that she will need a mix of scholarship money and money earned by working to pay for college.  She recently just got a job working at a big and popular local movie theater.  She and a few other people get there early before everyone else and prepare the theater for the upcoming day.  One of the people that also gets there early is Julie’s good friend Kay.  Kay is quite a bit older than Julie and has been working at the theater for a long time.  The management trusts Kay, and Kay is the reason that Julie was selected to be one of the few people to come in early.   Kay is the manager of the five people who get the theater ready to open.  The management at the theater has given Kay the codes and keys to access anywhere in the theater.  Kay is in charge of training Julie, and Julie knows she needs to impress Kay in order to stay on the early crew, and to look good for the management.  Julie would like to get raises and promotions and keep working at the theater during high school and college.  One day Julie sees Kay letting some people into the theater before it has opened.  Julie knows that this is strictly forbidden by management.  The only people allowed into the theater early is the assigned early crew.  Even other employees whose shift has not started are not allowed in the theater early.  Julie asks Kay about the people Kay is letting into the theater.  Kay explains that she sometimes lets some people into the theater early.  Kay makes sure that they get free refreshments and they often stay the entire day watching movies and eating for free all day.  Kay says her “friends” work at other places like restaurants and other businesses where Kay goes.   They all give each other free stuff when they visit each other’s places of business.  Kay explains that the management at all of these places rake in the money while the employees barely make enough money to live on.  This way, it makes the lives better of Kay and her friends.  Kay tells Julie that if Julie is a team player, she will give Julie permission to do this too, and reminds her how tight money is going to be when Julie starts college.   Julie now has a lot to consider: What should Julie execute(do) in this scenario?   SAMPLE Hypothetical:Mary is a college student.  She lives at home but works part-time to pay for her car insurance, gas for her car, and other items.  Mary works for Valenty’s National Market in ClearwaterFlorida.  Mary stocks shelves during the night before early morning classes.  One night when Mary arrived at work she was told that the store lost power and the backup generators did not work.  The power is now back on.  The manager has instructed Mary and the other workers to put all of the items, that should be cold (such as milk, cheese, meats, and more) into the freezer to make them cold again. Once they are again cold, they are to restock the items.  Mary started to gather these items and noticed they were hot!  The blue cheese is liquid instead of a chunk.  This food is no good and could cause illness or even death if eaten!  She speaks to the manager and she is told to do her job or lose her job. What should Mary do? Identification sample answer formatA. The main ethical issue:What should Mary (execute) do about restocking the shelves?(Notice the timing here:  The Manager has already made a bad decision.  The ethical issue that NOW has to be decided on is for Mary.  Be sure and think about the timing of our case.)  Research sample answer format Three areas of research would include: Food safety and refrigerationFood safety and illness or lawsuitsThe company code of ethics.Analysis sample answer format (use 3 options and 4 stakeholders)3 options and 4 stakeholders are the minimum.  There can be more.Notice all of the options begin with Mary could, as Mary is the person named in the main ethical issue. So, all of the options must be in Mary’s control.  Should Mary stock the shelves?Also, for one of the stakeholders, it should be a group of people.  (Can have more than one group stakeholder if want.  Just need a minimum of one group for a stakeholder.) Notice the chart below: “Consumers” is a group stakeholder – meaning that there is more than one person within that stakeholder group) As an aside, another group stakeholder that could be picked here if wanted could be all of the other co-workers at the store.)     Options →Mary could convince other workers to not stock the shelvesMary could stock the shelvesMary could contact the health department Stakeholders ↓    Consumers(group)Consumers do not buy tainted food.  No one gets sick.Consumers buy tainted food possible illness or deathConsumers do not buy tainted food.  No one gets sick. Owner of Valenty’s Glad because the owner could be sued.  Feels Mary saved him money in the long run.  Is Angry with the manager. Gets sued by people who get sick and loses money.   May lose the entire store depending upon severity of illnesses.Angry at Manager and Mary.  The manager for making a bad decision and Mary for not contacting him first.  Glad no one gets sick. MaryMary may be terminated by the manager if owner doesn’t find out what happened. Or promoted but keeps her character intactMary may be terminated and is responsible in part for any illnesses or deathIf anonymous nothing occurs –  but she keeps her character intact.  If not anonymous, Mary may feel uncomfortable around work, but keeps her character in tact ManagerAngry with workers and Mary.  Tries to undermine Mary.  May be terminated and is responsible in part for any illnesses or deathMay be terminated.  May try to implicate someone else to save his own skin.                   Arts & Humanities Philosophy PHI 1600

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Can you please help generate an analysis chart including options and stakeholders on Julie’s scenario?
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