UNIT TASK # 4 total points= BOTANY LAB Sept 28,2021…


UNIT TASK # 4 total points= BOTANY LAB Sept 28,2021… UNIT TASK # 4                                                                   total points= BOTANY LAB Sept 28,2021            NAME:___________________________________BLOCK_______  THE EFFECT OF OSMOSIS AND DIFFUSION IN PLANT CELLS Osmosis is the movement of solvent particles across a semipermeable membrane from a dilute solution into a concentrated solution. Diffusion is the movement of particles from an area of higher concentration to lower concentration. The overall effect is to equalize concentration throughout the medium. OBJECTIVES:Determine the process involved in osmosis and diffusion;Observe the process of osmosis and diffusion;Describe and explain the effects of osmosis and diffusion in plant cells; andDifferentiate osmosis from diffusion Effect of OsmosisTransport of WaterPlace the root hair region of seedlings (sprouted mongo) in water and color with methylene blue.In about 30 mins, place the vascular tissues on glass slide,Observe in LPO/HPO then draw before addition of methylene blue, after addition of methylene blue and after 30 minutes. Through Egg MembraneGet 3 fresh eggs of equal size and 3 cleared glass (250 mL)Place one egg in each glass. Pour in enough vinegar to cover each egg. Bubbles will start to form around the egg, and it’ll float up. To keep it submerged, put a tablespoon in the glass to hold it down the egg. Allow to sit for 24 hours. (1st day)Gently holding the egg in the glass, pour out the old vinegar. Replace with fresh vinegar, and let sit in for another 24 hours. (2nd day)Repeat this process until the shells are fully dissolved and only the membrane remains. This should take about 2-3 days.Gently remove the eggs using the slotted spoon and rinse with tap water in the sink until the egg shells totally removed. Rinse out the empty glasses as well.Gently put the naked eggs aside for a moment on a plate.Prepare three different solutions as follows, labeling with sticky notes:Glass 1: Label “hypertonic”. Pour in one cup of 20% sugar solution .Glass 2: Label “isotonic”. Add 2 tablespoons of 20% sugar solution to the one cup measuring cup, and fill the remainder with distilled water. Pour into glass (make sure you get all the sugar solution!) and stir to dissolve.Glass 3: Label “hypotonic”. Pour in one cup of distilled water. Gently put one naked egg in each of the glasses, and let sit in for another 24 hours.Remove the naked egg from the glasses and gently put the eggs on a plate. Take notes the difference in size after 2 daysNote; Egg membrane makes a good substitute for cellophane Effect of DiffusionPeel both potatoes and pair them so they are of the same sizeWeigh one potato and record the weight and characteristicsPlace the potato in one jar and cover it with 20% solution and record the timeSlice the other potato into small cubes.Weigh all the slices together and record the weight and characteristics.Place all the slices into the jar and cover them with 20% solution salt solution and record the time.Leave the two jars overnight.Remove the whole potato and blot it dry.Weigh and record the weight of the whole potatoRemove the slices, blot it dry, weigh and record.Compare the weight of the whole potato and sliced potato after an overnight.Calculate the percentage weight loss after soaking.  Percentage weight loss = total weight loss after soaking  x 100                                               Weight before soaking   DATA AND RESULTS:  ILLUSTRATION: TRANSPORT OF WATER  BEFORE addition of methylene blue pictureAfter addition of methylene blue pictureAfter 30 minspicture          ILLUSTRATION: THROUGH EGG MEMBRANETake pictures  Comparison Between the Egg Immersed in the following VinegarGLASS# 1HypertonicGLASS# 2Isotonic GLASS# 3HypotonicGlass#1Glass#2Glass#3   BEFORE            AFTER                ILLUSTRATION:EFFECT OF DIFFUSIONComparison Between whole and sliced potato immersed in 20% Salt Solution(Illustration and Description) Before with picture      After with pictureWhole potatoWeight:__________ObservationWeight:__________Observation(Cubes)potatoWeight:__________ObservationWeight:__________ObservationCALCULATION        OBSERVATIONS/INTERPRETATIONS:   CONCLUSIONS:       QUESTIONS:Effect of OsmosisWhat is Osmosis? (5points)What is the purpose of adding methylene blue to the root hair of onion? Why is it made possible?Discuss the importance of osmosis in reaching the endodermis via symplast and apoplast pathway.Through Egg Membrane1.How does osmosis affects the egg?2.How did osmosis make the eggs change size?3.Explain the relationship of osmosis and youself. Effect of DiffusionWhat is diffusion? Distinguish between facilitated diffusion and active transport.Carrier proteins are used in both facilitated diffusion and active transport, yet these processes are different. Explain their differences.Which potato lost the greater percentage weight? Why?   Make a short video each and turn in it per groupA.Effect of OsmosisB.Effect Osmosis in eggC.Effect of Diffusion  Reference: General Botany Laboratory Manual  Biology Science Pharmacology PHARMACOLO 2060

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UNIT TASK # 4 total points= BOTANY LAB Sept 28,2021…
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