Read this article and answer this two question.


Read this article and answer this two question. 1. Explain the title of this article, “How Objectivity in Journalism Became a Matter of Opinion.” What does it mean? Why do you say that?   2. The modern notion of objectivity is largely due to the work of Walter Lippmann, who, back in the 1920’s, was the first to widely call on journalists to use the scientific method of gathering information. He said journalism should aim for “a common intellectual method and a common area of valid fact.” Today, journalists balk at the idea of objectivity as an ultimate goal when reporting. Instead, they are calling on their news organizations to embrace the goal of fairness and justice in the truth-seeking process. Some longtime journalists warn that this newer thinking is potentially dangerous for journalism; that genuine, rigorous inquiry and accuracy will be lost in a sea of subjectivity and opinions. Based on the article you read, how do you react to this? Read the article before reacting.      Arts & Humanities English COMM 303

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Read this article and answer this two question.
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