…… and For each review, answer the following questions. (Since there are 6 questions and you are analyzing two reviews, you will have 12 answers.) What is the name of the review and what is being reviewed? (If possible, provide a link to the review.)What are the criteria this review uses for its evaluation? Create a list. (If you need to, please revisit your textbook (Ch. 14) for an explanation of what constitutes criteria.)Who is the specific audience for this review? (Someone young? Wealthy? Intellectual? Parents? Teens? A general audience? Someone else?) It is assumed that the audience is familiar with the item being reviewed? How do you know?Look at the structure of the review. How much space is devoted to summarizing the subject being reviewed (summary and background info) and how much to evaluating it (strengths and weaknesses)?What is at least one thing you think the review does well in the analysis portion? (Clarity, use of support, specific examples, awareness of audience, etc.)What is at least one thing you think could have been improved in the analysis portion? (Clarity, use of support, specific examples, awareness of audience, etc.)Consider the ways that both reviews address their specific audiences. What any similarities/differences do you notice? What does this analysis suggest about the role that audience plays in the way reviews are written? Make at least 2 specific connections between your analysis of these two reviews and the mini-reviews you are writing. How has analyzing these reviews helped you to more fully understand what you might include in your own mini-reviews? The ways in which you can use support/evidence throughout your reviews? The ways in which you could consider and/or address your specific audience? Arts & Humanities English ENC 1101

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