Create APA title page : page In-text APA: Relationship/Problems/Explanations: The…


1. Create  APA title  page : pageIn-text APA: 2. Relationship/Problems/Explanations: The 2021 UNEP report and the 2019 Humber Sustainability Plan share a common purpose.Compare Andersen (2021) with the Hartwick foreword (2019). Andersen (2021) talks about the “repair” of our planet (para. 6) and Hartwick (2019) talks about “a covenant with nature” (para. 4). They both deal with human responsibility to the environment.Andersen (2021) OR Hartwick (2019)?=Which author is more memorable to you in conveying their message of the importance of responsibility to the planet? You might want to think of Andersen as speaking on behalf of a long UN global report while Hartwick speaks on behalf of a five-year Humber Sustainability Plan.Write  a  paragraph of explanation of your reasoning and provide textual support. You can use “I” here. Again: which of the two forewords is more memorable to you with regard to its purpose?TIP: Choose the way that both authors explain/support the importance of “safeguarding the health of the planet” (Andersen, 2021) and “the covenant with nature” (Hartwick, 2019, para. 4)Who explains their idea better and why?  Think about the language that is used. Provide one example of language from the text to support your choice.Who provides better examples and why? Provide one specific example from each text to support your choice. REFERENCESFollow instructions. Follow instructions. Follow instructions on a separate page. See below. ReferencesDelete instructions below as you work.Please   create   your alphabetized, correct References list here of sources you used.Double  –  space Follow instructions for the References sheet in the link below p.3-6. No bullets. No numbers., R. (2019): 2 – 3Renewable Energy: Definition, Examples, Benefits, Limitations : Coronavirus Won’t Save the Environment video: Peace with Nature: Guterres and Andersen (2021): Arts & Humanities English ENG 311

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Create APA title page : page In-text APA: Relationship/Problems/Explanations: The…
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