Are Caribbean Youth in Crisis?


This is just multiple choice:  The thesis of this essay is most likely found in which paragraph? Paragraph 3 Paragraph 5 Paragraph 8 Paragraph 9   The writer’s main target audience is:people in generalall Americansall Caribbean peoplethe youth of the world The purpose of this essay is tocriticise the youth for not standing up for themselvesdemonstrate how the youth are often misunderstoodhighlight the factors that have led to Caribbean youth in crisisblame the adult male make for the Caribbean youth in crisis.  Which figure of speech is used in “no context in which to anchor their behaviour”?personificationsimilemetaphorsynechdoche  Which figure of speech is used in “Caribbean society’s heroes have become the drug lords, or dons, the gunmen….” (para 7)metaphorironysimileapostrophe Define the following words by reviewing the context.  If you are not sure, check your dictionary and return to determine which meaning best fits the context:”affluent”? (para 1)influencerecruited (para 3)optimisticprosperous recruited (para 3)enlistedcommittedretiredagreed initiative (para 3)clevernesscreativityimportanceinitiate  “nuclear family” (para 5)couple and dependent childrencouple, children and grandparentscouple and inlawscouple and siglings  deterrent (para 7)soap for laundryobstacleimpossiblemodest infused (para 7)explosionflavouredvulnerablefilled perpetuated (para 9)piercedpunishedcontinuedpermanent cohesion (para 9)interconnectionempathyconcernglued permeate (para 9)emptysaturatepermitapology Image transcription textAre Caribbean Youth in Crisis? By Oliver Mills 1. Three newspapersin three different Caribbean countries recently carried reportsabout the challenges that youth in the Caribbean face,… Show more… Show more Image transcription textpeople. Time is therefore spent studying, which should have beendone in the early adult years which were at times spentirresponsibly. The attention that should have been gi… Show more… Show more    Arts & Humanities English ENGLISH ENG102

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Are Caribbean Youth in Crisis?
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